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[aprssig] software question

Larry Cerney lcerney at viawest.net
Thu Feb 24 21:48:54 UTC 2005


UI-View is somewhat better.  APRS+SA has its advantages for me.  I run both.
I have APES+SA on my laptop and I use it for balloon tracking and it lets me
scroll the cursor over a street and it will give me the street name.  This
is very handy when out on the plains East of Denver where one dirt road look
just like the last.  UI-View with Precision Mapping won't do this.  That is
the one advantage APES+SA has.  The documentation is nearly non-existent as
is the support.  APRS+SA has been prone to crashing.  Another drawback of
APRS+SA is its use of the outdate and mostly unavailable DeLorme Street
Atlas Version 9.0 and below.  The new Street Atlas starting with 2000 won't
work with APRS+SA.

UI-View does most everything well, is well supported, although the author
has recently become a SK, so there will be no new development of the
program. If you're not interested in knowing the street name while on the
move, there is no real choice here.  UI-View is better.  


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the gift." 
--Albert Einstein 
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Does anyone still use APRS+SA? I am runnng it here, but a quick look at the 
connected servers shows UIVIEW and Xastir to be far more common.
Is UIVIEW much better?
Joe 73 de N3HGB 

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