[aprssig] attn garmin rino folks

Drew Baxter droobie at maine.rr.com
Thu Feb 24 18:28:01 CST 2005

Hi Wes -

Not sure if this has been covered before, but can we operate on GMRS using 
our HAM calls?  I'd think so, but I wasn't sure.. I still hold WPTY784 for 
GMRS, but I'd definitely not renew if I didn't have to, I got it before I 
became a HAM.

I do realize a lot of people operate on GMRS without licenses. :)

--Droo, K1XVM

At 07:24 PM 2/24/2005, Wes Johnston wrote:
>Garmin has just updated the rino 110,120,130 software to allow sending 
>when in GMRS mode.  I've just upgraded two of my units, and they do indeed 
>postions when in GMRS mode.  I have not tested the increased range, but 
>hey, 2w
>to 5w oughtta be a boon... and also the wider deviation of gmrs should allow a
>little worse S/N ratio and postions still get thru.
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