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[aprssig] agwpe and d700

Wes Johnston aprs at kd4rdb.com
Fri Feb 25 00:36:47 UTC 2005

Can anyone point me to a quick setup guide to get the kenwood d700 working in
kiss mode with agwpe?  Or advise about the commands to go from TNC PKT on front
panel to kiss mode on internal TNC?

The NWS office in Columbia SC asked kc4pl and I to help them setup their new
d700 with xastir running on cygwin.  Additionally, they have 2 other voice
radios which are manned by skywarn personnel during activation.  The idea is to
tap into the headphone/speaker jacks of those two radios and wire them to the
sound card input on the APRS machine.  This way if one of the skywarn spotters
sends a mic-e postion over one of the voice repeaters, the aprs PC will hear it
and it'll be displayed on the map.  So if we run AGWPE with 2 radios hooked to
the left and right sound card and also the d700, then we can also utilize the
networking features of AGWPE and offer all packet data to any other PC at the
NWS office.  I haven't seen a 2m repeater yet that would not pass a mic-e
packet (given that the repeater is already on-air).



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