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Stephen H. Smith WA8LMF2 at aol.com
Thu Feb 24 18:49:05 CST 2005

Joe Della Barba wrote on 2/24/2005, 11:05 AM:

 > Does anyone still use APRS+SA? I am runnng it here, but a quick look
 > at the
 > connected servers shows UIVIEW and Xastir to be far more common.
 > Is UIVIEW much better?
 > Thanks,
 > Joe 73 de N3HGB

The problem with APRSplus is: NO NEW MAPS!    APRSplus only worked with 
Delorme Street Atlas.   The last version of Street Atlas worked with it 
(Street Atlas "Classic" Ver 9.0) is now 5 years old and out of print. 
The current versions of Delorme products that use the new-style 
interface  (Street Atlas "Deluxe", Street Atlas "Road Warrior, SA 2004, 
SA2004, TopoUSA, etc) WON'T WORK with APRSplus (or any other APRS 
application).   Except, of course, as a source for static screen caps of 
fixed bitmaps.

UI-View works with the last three versions of Undertow Software's 
Precision Mapping, including the very latest current version PMap 
Version 7.0.     UI-View also supports, in a limited way, the current 
versions of Microsoft MapPoint 2004 and MS Streets & Trips 2005.

All three of these products cover Canada at street level, which Street 
Atlas never did.   As a result, APRSplus was never really usable in 
Canada; UI-View is.

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