[aprssig] List of digis and IGates?

Richard Montgomery kb4ytm at gmail.com
Thu Feb 24 21:05:48 CST 2005

Yes, I can see 1 Igate from my map, and I have talked with a fellow digi 
owner that runs an igate also near Little Rock, but was just pointing 
out they didnt show on the java map..


Brad [VE3BSM] wrote:

>It appears as though that page is using only the icon to determine what an
>IGate is (diamond with an 'I'). Most of the IGates in my area that I know if
>(including my own) are also digipeaters, so use the digi icons instead.
>That'll probably mess up the filtering a bit. Can't say I can think of a
>better way though. :-(
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>I see why every station in Arkansas runs WIDE5-5 or greater now.. No Igates
>according to that website...
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