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[aprssig] attn garmin rino folks

Wes Johnston aprs at kd4rdb.com
Fri Feb 25 14:11:02 UTC 2005

No possiblity of a digipeater.  Store and Forward is strictly prohibited on
FRS(460mhz) and MURS (154mhz).

Xastir has the ability to download the waypoints from a rino unit at a user
determined interval.  It then converts the waypoints (positions of other rino
users) to APRS objects and publishes then on APRS.  It does not publish every
waypoint in the rino unit.  Only waypoints (or rino users) that begin with the
letters A P R S will be coverted to objects.  The letters A P R S are stripped
out, leaving the last 12 characters or so for your unique rino user name.

It is also important to note that another rino user will not show up in your
"contacts" page unless you put them there.  However, whether you do or not,
they still show up as a waypoint in the waypoints list that xastir downloads.

The reason we name all your RINO units starting with APRS is that the rino unit
can be polled by another rino.  The poll only asks for the first 4 characters
of the user name, so if we make all the users in a group have the same first 4
characters, then when i poll any APRS rino user, all APRS rino units answer at
some random time between 5 and 30 seconds.  Thanks to Steve Bragg for figuring
this one out!

In the South Carolina State Guard, we/they are flying a rino unit in a plane
over the top of troops on the ground.  The radio operator in the plane polls
all units every 30 seconds and xastir running in a laptop on the plane does the
conversion to APRS objects.  This way people at the TOC can see where the troops
are in the field.  I have polled a rino unit in FRS mode from 5 miles away at
the lowly altitude of 1800 feet.

hope this is clear as mud.


Quoting "Tyson S." <timbercutter at yahoo.com>:

> Is there any possibility of a digipeater for these things?
> --- Wes Johnston <aprs at kd4rdb.com> wrote:
> > Garmin has just updated the rino 110,120,130 software to allow
> > sending positions
> > when in GMRS mode.  I've just upgraded two of my units, and they do
> > indeed send
> > postions when in GMRS mode.  I have not tested the increased range,
> > but hey, 2w
> > to 5w oughtta be a boon... and also the wider deviation of gmrs
> > should allow a
> > little worse S/N ratio and postions still get thru.
> >
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