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[aprssig] PacComm ROMS and Trace digis test?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Feb 25 14:56:19 UTC 2005

We need someone with a PacComm Trace type digi to do
some tests (if this has not already been done).

The PacComm can do 4 aliases.  Plus its MYcall.
Are there any more "calls" in the TNC that will also
digipeat?  Is there a MYPBBS call? or a NODE call?
or HOST call? that will diegipeat?

If so, this will give us even better New n-N Paradigm
solutions for these digis.  Right now we reocemmend

WIDE2-2, WIDE2-1, WIDE3-3, WIDE3-2 in the dense
areas where 2 hops are recommended and we recommend

WIDE2-2, WIDE3-3, WIDE3-2, WIDE3-1 in areas where
the path of WIDE3-3 is more common.

It sure would be nice to find at least one more digipeating
alias.  Even if it doesnt do callsign substitution..


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