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[aprssig] digi_ned feedback

Henk de Groot henk.de.groot at hetnet.nl
Fri Feb 25 20:56:52 UTC 2005

Hello Andrew,

Andrew Rich schreef:
> I can see digi_ned trying to TX at start up, says all is ok and sends a
> beacon on screen, but the tnc does nothing.
> But in either KISS or TNC nothing happens. Yes I have the right com port, it
> matches and checks out in hyperterm.
> What am I doing wrong ?  Should DIGI_NED tx on startup ?

No, DIGI_NED sends some data to the TNC to switch it to KISS. It looks 
like the TNC doesn't interpret the commands to switch to KISS but instead 
transmits them...

Maybe you can switch the TNC to KISS manualy before starting the floppy to 
see if that helps.

In the directory KISS you will find a KISS_DNN.INI, this contains the 
commands which are send to the TNC to switch it to KISS. Aparently it 
doesn't send the right command for your TNC. Just change it with a text 

> What would be good to, is a desctiption of what files to blow away, so you
> get the config screens back up
> on boot instead of having to re-format and re-build the floppy.

Oh, that's easy, just erase "dnconfig.bat" in the root of the floppy. This 
batch just sets an environment value which is used by "run.bat" in the 
digi_ned directory.

Kind regards,


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