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[aprssig] New n-N DIGI settings

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Feb 26 15:52:17 UTC 2005

There are 3 finer points to the New n-N paradigm that
should not be overlooked.  These are in addition to the 
actual TNC settings  and should not be overlooked. 
These 3 times communicate to the end user what he 
needs to know and are very important. 

1) Be sure to put in the digi's PHG string as the first part 
   of the position text so that others can see the effective 

2) Make the next few characters be the standard 
abbreviations for the capabilities of this digi.  For Iowa
it might be "R,IAn,W4" ....  which would inform everyone 
that this digi supports RELAY, IAn-N and WIDE4-4 and
below.  (meaning it traps WIDE5-5 and above)...

3) Make sure the DIGI icon now uses the "L" overlay 
showing that it is a new "Limiting" digi under the New n-N

This delivery to the end user of the capabilities and limitations
of every digi is a very important part of APRS.


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