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[aprssig] Potential problem with digi feature of UI-View

Greg Noneman greg at clubnet.net
Sat Feb 26 17:17:31 UTC 2005

Something that I've noticed since the digipeating function became 
available (and publicized) on UI-View is that people want to use it.  
There have been several occurrences (in SoCal) where new users see the 
feature and assume it is a good thing to turn on.  This can cause 
unnecessary congestion within an established network.  In our 
particular situation, some have just turned it on and have had to be 
asked to turn it off, others have enquired first.

 From what I've read, UI-View provides some nice PC-controlled 
digipeating functionality.  But as Bob has mentioned, home stations 
should act as a digipeater only when a fill-in digi is absolutely 
necessary.  Apparently the ease of setting up UI-View for digipeating 
can result  in some unwanted digis popping up.

Perhaps someone on the UI-View reflector could post a message regarding 
the judicious use of the digipeating function.


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