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[aprssig] UI-View32 Digipeating

Greg Noneman greg at clubnet.net
Sat Feb 26 17:35:42 UTC 2005


By no means take my posting as a comment or criticism to any message 
you left on the UI-View reflector.  My message was based strictly on 
several cases that have shown up in Southern California the past few 


On Feb 26, 2005, at 9:29 AM, hasan schiers wrote:

> At the request of someone from the aprssig who may have been 
> responsding to my posting on the ui-view sig regarding how to 
> implement the new paradigm for WIDEn-n and Abusive Path Trapping, I am 
> posting this note:
> Just because I posted the "how to" info, doesn't mean everyone should 
> "willy nilly" think they should become a ui-view32 digipeater.
> The instructions I posted were for EXISTING ui-view32 digipeater 
> sysops, NOT to encourage people to use what I posted to put up new 
> uncoordinated digi's!
> ...hasan, N0AN
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