[aprssig] DIGI_NED 0.3.5 for embedded systems

hasan schiers schiers at netins.net
Sat Feb 26 15:54:41 CST 2005


I am running Xastir on a spare machine that uses the AGWPE PRO on one of my 
WinXP machines (talks to it via the network, and AGWPE PRO manages my TNC's)

Is there a way to run this new DIGI NED on the Debian Linux machine, side by 
side with Xastir, such that it becomes my "DIGI"...if so, I can use its 
outstanding rules based digi management instead of the ui-view32 machine 
which is also connected to AGWPE PRO.


hasan, N0AN
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> Annoucement
> -----------
> Available now: DIGI_NED 0.3.5 sources for use in embedded systems.
> This is a stripped down version of DIGI_NED to make it easier te reuse the 
> DIGI_NED digipeating core in an embedded device. It contains the complete 
> functionional rule-based digipeater core like the full DIGI_NED has. All 
> additional features, like messaging, sat-tracking, telemetry, wx, serial 
> in-out etc are gone to make the code footprint small and targeted at the 
> main task: rule-based digipeating.
> The source also cleaned from platform dependent code, so it doesn't use 
> the Linux AX.25 kernel support but instead I added a simple multiport KISS 
> interface. It is fully functional under LINUX, but not anymore under DOS. 
> Because the AX.25 kernel support is not used in this code it cleanly 
> compiles and runs under Cygwin.
> The core source code is only 68 kB. It was a bit of work to find all the 
> unused support functions after deleting the additions, but I think there 
> is not much redundant code left, if any.
> The documentation with this version has been updated to reflect the 
> functionality of this version and is packaged with the source. The source 
> is of course covered by the GNU General Public License, like the full 
> DIGI_NED also is.
> The source has been posted to:
> http://www.homepages.hetnet.nl/~pe1dnn
> To use it in your embedded TNC design you must:
> 1: find a way to load the rule-file (changes to read_ini.c)
> 2: change mac_if.c to communicate with your hardware instead of the KISS
>    code (you can then drop kiss.c and kiss.h).
> 3: if you want verbose output then rewrite functions "say" and "vsay".
> It is still some work to make this work on an embedded system, but I think 
> it is a lot easier to reuse this code than to use the full DIGI_NED code 
> with all the additional features.
> I hope this contribution will stimulate the creation of more powerfull 
> TNC-digipeaters, so the network can be realy fixed...
> APRS[tm] is a Trademark of Bob Bruninga,
> his home page is at "http://web.usna.navy.mil/~bruninga/aprs.html"
> Kind regards,
> Henk.
> P.S. the digi_ned.ini file is a stripped down version of the file from the 
> full version, it has not been adjusted to the "new paradigm" yet.
> P.P.S. I coded multiport KISS from specification, I have no way to test it 
> :-). My only KISS capable device is my TH-D7E (on which it runs by the 
> way)...
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