[aprssig] DIGI_NED 0.3.5 for embedded systems

Henk de Groot henk.de.groot at hetnet.nl
Sat Feb 26 16:25:13 CST 2005

Hello Hasan,

hasan schiers schreef:
> Forget the first question...can I use the standard linux based digi_net 
> side by side with Xastir on the same machine, if the Xastir machine is 
> connected to my TNC's using the network facility to AGWPE PRO?
> That's the question...I don't need the stripped down version...I already 
> have support for all the AX.25 stuff.

I don't know if somebody already invented fome glue to connect AGWPE to 
the Kernel AX.25 interface (kind of "kissattach" for AGWPE), if not, then 
it is currently not possible since DIGI_NED only talks to the AX.25 
support in the kernel.

I'm thinking about adding the possibility to talk to AGWPE, that would 
enable your setup and also enable running DIGI_NED on Cygwin together with 
other AGWPE clients.

I think I have to steal some XASTIR code to do this. Shouldn't be too 
hard, only that I never came to it to do it (and nobody else seems to do 
it either...).

Kind regards,


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