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[aprssig] MIC-Encoder repeaters

Michael Blair michaelblair at telefonica.net.pe
Sun Feb 27 01:44:10 UTC 2005


"Well, cell phones came along and I know of many repeaters that are simply 
pulling the plugs on their autopatches. "

    This statement made me want to ask about something that has been 
appearing. Like you say, getting a phone patch was all the rage before Cell 
phones became so dominant. It seems to me that we are about to be passed by 
again now that all cell phones will be equipped with GPS or some such thing 
for location. I think if the phone companies do that right and give users 
some access to a web page for seeing themselves on a map, the APRS incentive 
will be less. Everyone will be able to tell where they are by the map on 
their phone or PDA or Browser screen and many will not see any need to keep 
using APRS where when you make a mistake in your settings you are verbally 
attacked as if you just tried to kill the Queen.


Michael Blair

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