[aprssig] Solar Panel Deal

Ka2upw at aol.com Ka2upw at aol.com
Sat Feb 26 21:42:12 CST 2005

Mark writes:
>Fry's Electronics is selling the Coleman Exponent 
>Flex-5 folding solar panel this weekend (thru Tuesday) 
>for $39.99 in their San Diego County Stores.  Normal 
>Price is 69.99 (MSRP 79.99).  Since their Ads are regional
>I do not know if this price holds true except in their San 
>Diego and San Marcos locations.   I believe it is also in 
>the Dallas Ad.

I can confirm that the solar panel is listed in the Dallas
ads and it is on sale at the Dallas Fry's stores.

Anyone know if it has a built in diode?

Douglas KA2UPW 
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