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[aprssig] Solar Panel Deal

Josh Keller jeepin95 at comcast.net
Sun Feb 27 04:43:21 UTC 2005

It isn't listed in the Saturday paper in Portland, OR but I will 
definatly take a look on Sunday and possibly stop by there.

I do have a question tough...here was my idea of how to use one of 
these. I have a Yaesu VX-7R and an OpenTracker. I have 2 batteries for 
the VX-7R so I was wondering if it would be possibly to directly charge 
the Li-Ion battery pack from the solar panel or not, my guess is no...in 
which case where could I find a small device for doing such a thing?

To conserve battery for the OT I will manually send the posit after 
switching my VX-7R to 144.390 every 30-45 minutes so I'm not concerned 
about battery life with it, but I doubt the VX-7R will last for a week 
long hike on 2 batteries and moderate use during the day.


Ka2upw at aol.com wrote:

> Mark writes:
> >Fry's Electronics is selling the Coleman Exponent
> >Flex-5 folding solar panel this weekend (thru Tuesday)
> >for $39.99 in their San Diego County Stores.  Normal
> >Price is 69.99 (MSRP 79.99).  Since their Ads are regional
> >I do not know if this price holds true except in their San
> >Diego and San Marcos locations.   I believe it is also in
> >the Dallas Ad.
> I can confirm that the solar panel is listed in the Dallas
> ads and it is on sale at the Dallas Fry's stores.
> Anyone know if it has a built in diode?
> Douglas KA2UPW
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