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[aprssig] Solar Panel Deal

Dale Blanchard wa7ixk at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 27 04:58:17 UTC 2005

If you have a jack on the radio that takes a 12 /13.8 V input to the 
radio you can input the solar panel to it direct..
300 ma will not charge much. The regulator in the radio will take care 
of the rest

Josh Keller wrote:

> It isn't listed in the Saturday paper in Portland, OR but I will 
> definatly take a look on Sunday and possibly stop by there.
> I do have a question tough...here was my idea of how to use one of 
> these. I have a Yaesu VX-7R and an OpenTracker. I have 2 batteries for 
> the VX-7R so I was wondering if it would be possibly to directly 
> charge the Li-Ion battery pack from the solar panel or not, my guess 
> is no...in which case where could I find a small device for doing such 
> a thing?
> To conserve battery for the OT I will manually send the posit after 
> switching my VX-7R to 144.390 every 30-45 minutes so I'm not concerned 
> about battery life with it, but I doubt the VX-7R will last for a week 
> long hike on 2 batteries and moderate use during the day.
> Thanks,
> Josh
> Ka2upw at aol.com wrote:
>> Mark writes:
>> >Fry's Electronics is selling the Coleman Exponent
>> >Flex-5 folding solar panel this weekend (thru Tuesday)
>> >for $39.99 in their San Diego County Stores.  Normal
>> >Price is 69.99 (MSRP 79.99).  Since their Ads are regional
>> >I do not know if this price holds true except in their San
>> >Diego and San Marcos locations.   I believe it is also in
>> >the Dallas Ad.
>> I can confirm that the solar panel is listed in the Dallas
>> ads and it is on sale at the Dallas Fry's stores.
>> Anyone know if it has a built in diode?
>> Douglas KA2UPW
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