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[aprssig] Please Fix Your UI-Traffic

hasan schiers schiers at netins.net
Sun Feb 27 13:46:27 UTC 2005

Anyone running UI-Traffic, it has a well-established bug that many people 
don't know about, so please, if you are running ui-traffic, follow the 
instructions below and fix it. If you have ever made ANY kind of change to 
your ui-traffic setup, including object name, you WILL have this bug of 
sending multiple objects, incorrect object counts, ill-timed positions, etc.

Also, please note the naming convention of beginning the ui-traffic object 
name with TFC...a program to graph ui-traffic transmission counts is going 
to be released and it requires the first 3 letters of your object name to 
start with TFC. It can be anything after that, TFC-NYC or TFCNYC or TFCSTL 
or TFC_STL...it just has to start with TFC.

Because of a bug in ui-traffic, you are putting out two ui-traffic objects. 
Let me show you how to fix it, and also get your object name setup so we can 
graph your traffic with a software tool created by W0DP.

1. Please change the name of your traffic object from SUXTFC or WB0WNX (you 
are sending out both) to TFCSUX. We can graph your traffic object IF the 
object name begins with TFC. Go into your setup and change it. Then shut 

2. Close UI-View32. Go to the UI-View32\Saved\   directory and DELETE the 
file Objects.bin (UI-View32 will re-create it "clean" when you restart 

3. Restart UI-View32 and UI-Traffic

That's all there is to it.

Note: any time you make a change to ui-traffic, you will have to go through 
this same procedure, because of the bug...it's been there forever, and we 
have some stations sending out THREE objects because of the bug.

Hope this helps, 73,

hasan, N0AN

p.s., I'm calling this a ui-traffic bug, but it is the result of how 
ui-traffic interacts with objects.bin in ui-view32. Please don't get all 
worked up about "whose" fault the bug is. I had to call it something and 
since we see the result in ui-traffic, I called it a ui-traffic bug. 

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