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[aprssig] OT - SimplyMEPIS 3.3 final release - available now

Brian B. Riley brianbr at mac.com
Mon Feb 28 00:17:17 UTC 2005

I have the disk available now at the Disk Shop


Cheers ... 73 de brian, n1bq, underhill center, vermont

SimplyMEPIS 3.3 is Here!

Sat, 02/26/2005 - 00:33. Announcements - Morgantown, WV, February 25, 2005:

MEPIS has begun shipping the SimplyMEPIS 3.3 bootable CD. SimplyMEPIS offers
a Linux that is easy to install and use. It should appeal to the beginner
and expert alike.

For the beginner, SimplyMEPIS is a complete desktop Linux that bundles and
preconfigures the KDE 3.3.2 desktop, OpenOffice 1.1.3 (with WordPerfect
document support), Firefox 1.0, Mplayer plugin, Gaim, Xchat, Konqueror,
Kmail, Pan, Skype, GIMP, Digikam, Acrobat Reader, Real Player, Xine, XMMS,
Kino, GTKPod (with automatic support for both Mac and PC iPods), Scribus,
Checkbook Tracker, KPilot, QTParted, Synaptic, Kpackage, and many other
applications to give the desktop user everything needed to quickly become
productive in the SimplyMEPIS desktop Linux environment.

For the experienced user, SimplyMEPIS provides the renowned apt package
system from the Debian Project, so with Synaptic or Kpackage one can easily
add new software and update existing software with just a few clicks. To
create a customized system, over 10,000 packages can be downloaded for free
from the Debian package pool and the MEPIS package pool.

By popular demand, the synaptic package manager is now recommended for new
users. Also new in 3.3, SimplyMEPIS has introduced a GUI based boot screen
and an improved installer that supports more hard drive configurations. And
it gives the user the choice of a 2.4.29 kernel and/or a 2.6.10. Also the
nvidia or the fglrx/ati display driver can be chosen during installation to
replace the default display driver.

The SimplyMEPIS bootable CD allows potential users to verify hardware
compatibility, test drive applications, and determine the value of
SimplyMEPIS before making a commitment to install it on their hard drive.
After installation, the CD can be used as a rescue and repair disk for MEPIS
and also for computers still running Windows.

MEPIS is committed to providing a reliable, polished, and complete version
of desktop Linux that enables new users to throw off the yoke of Windows
once and for all. In addition MEPIS offers developers the opportunity to
focus on creating cool new stuff instead of continuously tinkering with the
underlying system.

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