[aprssig] APRS IS weirdness

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Sun Feb 27 18:31:49 CST 2005

OK, here is something potentially interesting. Connecting to b0lj.dyndns.org
port 10155 (apparently the closest to a full feed on that server) the bad data
does not appear, so that one seems to be ruled out as the originator. The bad
data does appear at hub2.aprs2.net port 10152, the upstream connection.

I gather your hypothesis is that another hub is connected somewhere, screws with
the backslash, and injects the bad packet at the same or a different hub, is
that correct?

If this is the case, whoever is doing that must be on a filtered port, because
most of the world is not being affected. Perhaps someone could look through the
core and tier 2 hubs looking for some sort of hub program that is using a Europe
filter string...

Steve K4HG

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