[aprssig] KPC-3 <> AGWPE PROBLEM (Clarification)

John Kraus jfkraus3 at cox.net
Mon Feb 28 14:53:12 CST 2005

I am trying to get PE-Pro  running with a KPC-3 non plus version 6.

Here are the facts.

Win XP Pro SP-2

TNC on COM 1

TNC works perfectly with direct connection to TNC using these programs.

UI-View         In terminal and KISS mode.
TelPac 1.7

With AGWPE this happens while trying to create a TNC port:

I get a:  Can't open serial port error.  Probably you specified an illegal 
port! etc.

Same thing happens with KPC-2, KPC-4, KPC-2400.

Yes I have tried deleting AGWPE.INI and PORT0.INI.
Yes I made sure that no programs are holding the port open.  This would 
likely cause problems to the other programs as well.

Any suggestions?

I have had no response on the Yahoo groups list and I know some of the 
people on this list use AGWPE.

Please don't tell me that PE-Pro won't work with modern XP class computers 
as this would be a very bad thing to find out only after spending $50.

My goal is to run AGWPE to a KPC-4 with TelPac on one port and my UI-View 
IGATE on the other.  

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