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Here's what I found.

Earlier today I built a static page at http://ve5bnc.dyndns.org/test.html.  When I first tried it with IE6 I received the same error that we're discussing.  It wasn't until I forced a full refresh (Shift-F5) that it began working.  (coincidence???)  Since then this page has worked regardless of what browser I use to access it.  I tried the same trick with the Findu URL and it made no difference.  I'm also seeing the symptom of IE not working and Firefox working for the Findu URL..

I don't know what any of this means but perhaps it will give some others some ideas.

73, Bruce - VE5BNC
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  GM keys are issued per url _and_ directory (unfortunately). If the key is for www.findu.com then 
  won't work since it references the "cgi-bin" directory. One of the Google developers did say that they are working on a different key scheme...

  73, Lee K0QED

  On 7/1/05, Steve Dimse <steve at dimse.com> wrote: 

    On Jul 1, 2005, at 8:12 PM, Steve Dimse wrote:

    > Google Maps is not compatible with every web browser. Google Maps 
    > currently supports recent versions of Firefox/Mozilla, IE 5.5+,
    > Safari 1.2+, and sort of supports Opera. IE 5.0 is not supported.

    One other thing. Google requires a key to use this, and it is indexed 
    to the URL. You must use www.findu.com for this to work. findu.com,
    web.findu.com, www1.findu.com, www.findu-you.com, for example, all
    are aliased to the same cgis, and all of these will work in any URL
    on findU, except, unfortunately, this new google map feature. The 
    only answer I can see is to register all of these other aliases and
    get a separate key, use the cgi function to determine the referring
    URL, and use that to send the correct URL. Pain in the butt, and
    therefore something I will leave for late in the development. 
    Hopefully they will have added the ability to specify aliases long
    before I get to that point.

    In the meantime, just use www.findu.com!

    Steve K4HG

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