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[aprssig] Re: Google maps

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Sat Jul 2 11:47:44 UTC 2005

steve at dimse.com wrote:

> .
> T the icons must be in PNG, the only icon files I have at the moment  
> which are one icon to a file are GIFs, so I either need to grab a new  
> set or convert to PNG. Furthermore, since you read the docs, you know  
> the shadow file is mandatory, and no APRS icon set I'm aware of has  
> shadows. In other words, adding icons will be much more work than  
> just cutting and pasting a code fragment from the API docs...
Are you ready for me to convert my Rev G symbol set to a new format?   
I've noticed that while Rev G symbols display correctly on the main maps 
of Findu, the old out-of-date ones continue to show in the nearby 
stations lists and other places.  

Am I correct in assuming the station list requires them in individual 
files?    Could one pass at this (cutting up the Rev G bitmaps) make 
them usable both for Google and the current findu station lists?

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