[aprssig] Progress on Google maps

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Sat Jul 2 11:10:58 CDT 2005

First, the page now shows icons (an obsolete set, same as used in the  
hopefully I will be getting a new set soon), and supports multiple  


You have to zoom out a few times to see the other stations. The API  
apparently does not allow directly drawing text to the page, so for  
now you have to click on an icon to see the call. I think the answer  
for me will be to create a custom icon that combines the icon with  
the callsign into a single "icon" which is passed to GMaps. This will  
take a little time to get implemented, I have a busy holiday weekend.

As to the issue of IE 6 not working for some, is anyone using IE6  
successfully with this URL?

Does IE have a javascript console where errors are displayed? Mac  
Safari has this, and without seeing what errors appear my chances of  
debugging this remotely are virtually zero. If this capability does  
exist, can someone having the problem email me privately with the  
error message(s)?

Steve K4HG

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