[aprssig] FINDU

Billy (N5YSQ) n5ysq at cox.net
Sat Jul 2 12:16:04 CDT 2005

Bob and the Group

First I would like to say that I am glad you got directions to your wife,
and she was able to get back safely..
Next, you must be talking about a non-mapping GPS, one with no maps built
I personally use a GPS on a motorcycle, Garmin Street Pilot, which has every
pig trail road you can think of.
I do not have the GPS tied to a radio, but I do like and support APRS as an
IGATE with 24/7 connection to Internet
And I get a lot of folks coming thru that I am happy to gate to Internet so
others can keep up with where they are.
APRS is GREAT, some use for what it was originally designed, others try to
use of things it might not be as good at, 
As something else..

Just some thoughts.. All facets of communication are good, and I am thankful
for them all..

Have a nice day..

Billy (N5YSQ)
Paris, TX

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Steve by the way,

Finally the wife got to see the value of APRS.
She was lost and called me on the cell phone.
I said turn on the radio and I can see where
you are.  Zoomed in on FINDU...

Told her how to go where she wanted to go.
She was 200 miles away in a strange city.


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