[aprssig] Google maps

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Sat Jul 2 16:34:54 CDT 2005

For those of you that have browsers able to access the development  
google map page, the system is now displaying callsign and icon. The  
icon set is the same up-to-date one (from WA8LMF) that is used in the  
plot cgi. It works through a new cgi which uses that icon set to  
generate a new icon which includes the callsign and the icon, it is  
this new icon which is passed to google. For kicks, you can see this  
new cgi here, though end users have no need to use this directly:


Here is the development URL again to try:


The down side of this is that because the icon size must be passed in  
javasscript to the gmap routine, there is no way I can see to adjust  
for different length callsigns. Therefore short calls will have  
clickable areas that extend well beyond the text.

For those of you with IE 6, if you want to play I still need to see  
some sort of error log to help figure this out...

Next up, to add the station info, like course and speed, to the pop- 
up balloon...

Steve K4HG

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