[aprssig] Google maps debug

Gerhard f5vag at nerim.net
Sat Jul 2 18:14:15 CDT 2005

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> On Jul 2, 2005, at 6:47 PM, Jay Bareman wrote:
> > This is the first one that has worked for me.
> I gather since no one has provided any debug information from IE6  
> that there is no way to get any. Bad enough that they don't parse  
> something a number of other browsers have no trouble with, but to  
> fail without any way to get an error message is really lame.
> Anyway, without access to a Windows system to experiment with, and  
> without access to any error message, there is nothing further I can  
> do for now. I'll have to say that unless someone comes up with a fix,  
> that this feature will not be supported on findU with IE6 for the  
> time being.


I had a problem with IE and the page before the clean one and had turned
the debugger on. It did not yield any information, because the error was
finally flagged as a DNS error by Windows. So I assume there is a bug in
the third-party stuff.

73 de Gerhard

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