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[aprssig] Does Something Like This Exist?

Andrew Rich vk4tec at tech-software.net
Sun Jul 3 07:32:21 UTC 2005

all you have described is a serial to tcpip convertor

they exist

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From: Jack [mailto:jbecker at wi.rr.com]
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Subject: [aprssig] Does Something Like This Exist?

A friend of mine is showing interest in APRS after I've shown him some
screenshots of my station and what APRS can do.  He's interested in setting
up an Internet <--> RF gateway and digi.

Here's the hitch:

He's wondering (and me too) if there's a "TNC" out there that can run APRS
without a computer hooked up all the time?

Here's what he's looking for:

1.  A GPS port for an external GPS unit

2.  Radio Connector

3.  A 10/100 mbit LAN port that can access an HTML set up page for
inputting his call, parameters, etc.

1 & 2 I think are available on a number on TNC's, but 3 might be hard to

His thinking is that you would set up the unit by means of the browser and
the unit from that point would be all self contained.  Any adjustments
later could be done at home on his LAN (just like the initial set up) or
remotely with some sort of Remote Sysop function over the Internet.

Does something like this exist now or just a good idea?


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