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[aprssig] Google maps debug again...

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Sun Jul 3 15:22:00 UTC 2005

OK, this could not be more frustrating for me. The problem definitely  
seems to be the fault of IE6, as the code is correct, and all the  
fixes that have been suggested on the gmap list are ways to work  
around the IE6 bug. None of them seem to work for all people all the  

I have made some changes to find1, including cleaning up some of the  
html, so some of the reports that it is now working may be due to  
this. I have implemented one of the 10 different suggestions for  
solving this problem in a new development cgi, with no table code  
(which seems to be the source of the IE bug).

What I'd like now is reports of these three URLs, for IE6 only, and  
please email directly to me, no need to tie up the list. There has  
been mention here and on the gmap list that security settings matter,  
so let me know what level you are set at. Finally it is said it is  
necessary to flush the buffers and restart IE after making changes,  
so please do that before trying these two and reporting results to me.




Steve K4HG

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