[aprssig] Google maps debug again...

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Sun Jul 3 11:44:52 CDT 2005

FYI, first file works. Second file locks-me-up.
73 Max KI6NJ
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> OK, this could not be more frustrating for me. The problem definitely 
> seems to be the fault of IE6, as the code is correct, and all the 
> fixes that have been suggested on the gmap list are ways to work 
> around the IE6 bug. None of them seem to work for all people all the 
> time... 
> I have made some changes to find1, including cleaning up some of the 
> html, so some of the reports that it is now working may be due to 
> this. I have implemented one of the 10 different suggestions for 
> solving this problem in a new development cgi, with no table code 
> (which seems to be the source of the IE bug). 
> What I'd like now is reports of these three URLs, for IE6 only, and 
> please email directly to me, no need to tie up the list. There has 
> been mention here and on the gmap list that security settings matter, 
> so let me know what level you are set at. Finally it is said it is 
> necessary to flush the buffers and restart IE after making changes, 
> so please do that before trying these two and reporting results to me. 
> http://www.findu.com/cgi-bin/find2.cgi?call=K4HG-8 
> http://www.findu.com/cgi-bin/find2.cgi?call=K4HG-8 
> Thanks, 
> Steve K4HG 
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