[aprssig] More digis are changing to the new paradigm

Chuck Kimball n0nhj at amsat.org
Mon Jul 4 17:24:48 CDT 2005


Sorry you won't have much to see out on the far end of the string, but 
at least I won't have to look at stations in New Mexico while I'm in 
Central Colorado.  The long paths you seem to want everyone to use 
impacts others outside of your immediate area.  4 hop or longer paths 
from Albuquerque show up in Colorado.  I don't have any need to see 
anyone in NM on RF, and it disrupts packets I'm trying to get into the 
system due to increased collisions.  

I've added 8 digipeaters over the past few months, and I also added 3 
gateways in Western Colorado so that none of the locations where you can 
hit those digis is more than 2 hops from a gateway.   I've had to take 
several steps to filter out stations on some of those digis because of 
problems with people running large paths in Utah, Arizona, and New 
Mexico.  It's unfortunate that my local users are impacted by what you 
want to see, but what purpose does it serve if I'm getting packets from 
New Mexico, but can see the guy 30 miles away?  

I saw a couple of folks from New Mexico around Gunnison this weekend. 
I'm sure they would rather be seen on the system via the internet, than 
see stations in New Mexico blocking their packets. 

If you really want to see a larger area, I'd suggest connecting to the 
internet and monitoring it from there.

Chuck Kimball  n0nhj
Glenwood Springs, CO

Earl Needham wrote:

>     I have just been informed that the New Mexico digis will be 
> changing to the new paradigm.  The URFMSI web site requests all users 
> to shorten their paths to no more than WIDE3-3.  Currently, I have 
> UI-View32 set to exclude digis, and I only see 13 stations, and only 4 
> of these are in New Mexico, including myself.
>     If I show digis, I see only 30 stations.
>     According to the UI-Traffic addon, I'm seeing 30 packets in 10 
> minutes, but that's a few minutes after some fairly heavy local 
> messaging, and I'm sure it'll drop off more in the next hour.
>     I'm not sure I like this -- for YEARS I have been out on the end 
> of a long string of digis, and I don't see much unless people use 
> longer paths.  It's very frustrating that so many people want to "jump 
> on the bandwagon" EVERYWHERE and fix problems that only exist in the 
> big cities.  I'm seriously considering moving all my APRS equipment 
> over to PropNet instead.  I mean, if I only see 13 stations, then 
> what's the point?
>     Thanks for listening to me vent!  <G>
>     Earl
> Earl Needham, KD5XB, Clovis, New Mexico DM84jk
> http://kd5xb-2.no-ip.info
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