[aprssig] More digis are changing to the new paradigm

Earl Needham needhame1 at plateautel.net
Tue Jul 5 00:35:14 CDT 2005

At 11:01 PM 7/4/2005, Keith - VE7GDH wrote:
>Earl KD5XB wrote on 04/07/2005
> > Good question. The first time I saw APRS, it was from the QRZ
> > CD-ROM that included a callsign database and a TON of shareware. APRSdos
> > was on there, I think it was version 7.2?  Maybe 2.7?  Can't remember, but
> > it was a long time ago. The first time I tried it out, I just knew I had
> > to use this mode. I have had a lot of enjoyment from it, I guess because
> > it's similar to RADAR or something.
>I have a feeling that you are still enjoying it!

         Yes I am!  Although the lack of "anything to see" is beginning to 
cut my enjoyment down a bit!  <G>

> > that's my dumb tracker that was set up in my truck. The
> > truck broke down and even though I brought the equipment
> > home with me, I didn't install it in the loaner truck I'm in.
> > Hopefully I'll be back in my own truck in a few days.
> > And I'll be replacing the dumb tracker with a HamHUD soon.
>Ah... the house symbol fooled me. Didn't realize it was a truck - hi!

         Yes, this dumb tracker was set up some years ago and all the 
parameters are permanently burned into the chip.  Unfortunately, using an 
SSID of -9 doesn't mean a car on Findu as it once did on other APRS 
software, that has been replaced with the UNPROTO-TO function.

>Does the HamHUD beacon positions as well, or just allow you to see other 
>stations & send and receive messages?

         Yes, the HamHUD includes messaging as well as SmartBeaconing and 
is very easy to customize with different paths, etc, all from the front 
panel.  See www.hamhud.net for more info.

>re 'I just don't quite see eye to eye with "what's the point" if you only 
>see 13 stations on the map'
> > Well -- have you ever sat around and watched paint as it dries?  <G>
>Ummm, no. That would be boring.

         Kinda like watching 5 mobiles, 2 home stations, and 17 digis!  <G>

>  I would rather spend my time putting up well placed digis or installing 
> an IGate!

         We might need to consider whether we will ever have too many 
IGATES, like too many beacons on 144.39.  Just something to think of now, 
before it's a problem.

         7 3

Earl Needham, KD5XB, Clovis, New Mexico DM84jk

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