[aprssig] I'm brainstorming, so don't beat me up!

Gerhard f5vag at nerim.net
Fri Jul 8 08:51:49 CDT 2005

The PSK31 server Roger Barker (G4IDE sk) had written, adds a CRC
to the frame and works very well on HF.

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> Andrew Rich wrote:
> > psk31 for aprs ? on hf
> > 
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> > What about q15x25? mix32 (or is it mix-w) supports it... agwpe is
> > supposed to Real Soon Now. q15x25 is 15 PSK carriers with an aggregate
> > bit rate of 2500 baud on normal channels, and FEC. It's just a tweak
> > processor intensive to encode and decode.
> PSK31 is an order of magnitude slower than HF 300 baud. Plus it has zero 
> error detection/correction. You definitely do not want mangled positional data!
> I've played around (in a way) with q15x25, but at the time I had it up, I 
> didn't have a 2nd person to test with. It does look promising because it 
> ties in so well with AX.25 (but doesn't have to!).
> The Linux q15x25 (also called newqpsk) modem is built into the soundcard 
> modem system and so any linux APRS or packet program that utilizes the ax25 
> network interface to the radio can use q15x25 instead of 1200 AFSK, 
> transparent to the program.
> It does look promising and even holds the 2500 bps (raw) data rate on HF 
> channels. Though, of course, it was designed for SSB rigs, it may still work 
> with FM, but without the weak-signal performance.
> Unlike some other robust digital modes, q15x25 does not have a long sync 
> time, which rules out so many for APRS use.
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