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vk4tec at tech-software.net wrote:

>How do you use Mix W2 sound card decode 300 baud hf with aprs software ?
>Does mix w2 provide a port feed ?
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MixW in the packet modes can emulate a KISS TNC with it's output 
delivered to a virtual (or real) serial port. In turn the APRS 
application has to also be set to KISS mode,  and set to use another 
virtual (or real) serial port.  


If you are using two real serial ports, cross-connect them with a 
cross-over (null modem) serial cable.

If you are using virtual serial ports, connect them with the MixW 
"Serial Port Bridge" driver that creates one or more pairs of simulated 
serial ports cross-connected with a virtual null-modem.   The serial 
port bridge only works with WIn 2000 or Win XP.  

Details on the TNC emulation here:

An alternative virtual serial port driver that works with Win98 is here:

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