[aprssig] Paths through Michigan?

Peter Maxfield pmaxfield at charter.net
Sun Jul 10 12:01:03 CDT 2005

K1DE-5 is a big digi in SE MI.  1 hop to IS. I don't think he has changed
over to the new paradigm yet.  I've been using WIDE2-2 with success.  The
problem is hitting a digi.  If you do, you are OK.
73, de W1LBR-9, Peter

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We're heading from Dayton up north to Beaver Island, Michigan next week.
Anyone know what the current digi configuration is though Michigan -- is
WIDE2-2 the right path along that route?  We're traveling I75-US23-I75, then
either SR72-US31 from Grayling, or SR32 from Gaylord, to Charlevoix.



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