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[aprssig] Object DENNI_ato Cannot Be Seen on RF Path

Chris Schwab 1schwab1 at tampabay.rr.com
Mon Jul 11 01:43:32 UTC 2005

This boils down to what works in your network may not necessarily work in
your network. Some areas see APRS as useful for tracking, some for
messaging, and some for WX. We're in the latter. So, while I may bulletin
out my WX packets every three minutes during summer (which I throttle back
during winter when it's not our storm season), I do have my static packets
set at a lower rate. Our local network has worked together to cut back
traffic, and has done so substantially in the past 6 months. 

Anyhow, back to our regularly scheduled program...

Prior to the "change", and during last year's season, the bulletins were
easily able to make it up the I4 corridor into Orlando so it didn't require
multiple stations to send these packets out. Even though we have multiple
IGATES, we had a mutual agreement on who was going to send the tropical WX
packets to RF as to keep the number of duplicate packets down. While it
seems silly when you look at our network now, it worked last year during the
height of storm season.

So, that explains why I'm putting out the packets. Until the new paradigm,
we didn't require multiple stations spewing out the packets in this area.
This is just an adjustment period trying to find out what works and what
doesn't in this new world.

I didn't want this to turn into a flame fest, I was just trying to help
Geoff out.


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This situation should not be viewed as a simple emotional "I think  
it's worse now". This theory of operation is all based on real data  
and real physics. APRS was meant to operate in a local tactical  
network. In my mind this means if you want to reliably communicate  
you should stay in your aloha circle.

You are in a extremely active APRS area, and you should calculate for  
yourself what that range is. You're running UI-View32, use the plugin  
to tell your what that circle is. My guess is it's like 30 miles or  
less. This means you should be attempting to send your packets  
outside this area.

You appear to be sending packets out WIDE3-3 every 3 minutes. In my  
opinion, operating a station in this manor is the reason we have this  
massive congestion problem in the first place. Take a look at what  
you're doing and how it's effecting your local and surrounding areas.

The digipeaters in Lakeland are not passing your packets. If you have  
a problem with that, you should contact them and find out why they're  
doing that. I'm sure there must be a reason. If you feel you have a  
reason to communicate over such a wide area, you can do it directed,  
ie. specify the digipeaters you want to attempt to use. (no  
guarantees, this is unconnected packets), or you can lower your path,  
ie WIDE2-2 which will INCREASE your coverage.

I'm can't believe that one of the most visited areas in the world  
doesn't have it's own iGate, and relies on a iGate 100 miles away  
apparently serving hundreds of APRS users? I thought there was one  
the last time I visited. If there is, then why is a igate in St.  
Petersburg running a reverse gate path into another iGate's coverage  

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