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[aprssig] Oh Gawd --- Google's gone over to the dark side ! Backing BPL !

Drew Baxter droobie at maine.rr.com
Tue Jul 12 18:50:55 UTC 2005

Computer viruses could be a great topic if you have concerns about 
your station that you also use for APRS as well as general computing, 
etc.  But I think this is a little different.  APRS is one of several 
facets of amateur radio, and we were generally Amateur Radio ops 
before we were also APRS ops.  If memory serves virus removal has 
been a discussion in the past on the SIG.

I think 'generic ham radio news' depends on what the topic is.  APRS 
is done on HF enough to warrant a HF gateway here in central Maine, 
so apparently it is something that would displace a few people.  I do 
think that warrants at least throwing it out there as a single news item.

The problem is the people that get irritated because someone provides 
a piece of news related to this hobby as a whole that also can also 
indirectly hurt APRS.  If people just simply said to themselves, "Oh, 
well ok then" instead of posting how useless the information was to 
them, we'd have a much cleaner SIG anyway.  This isn't any less 
useless than the OpenTrac vs APRS debate that went on for hundreds of 
messages last year.

By the way - I look at it more like the possibility that this is the 
START of potential destruction of the ARS.  We could start losing 
access to other allocations which can and are used for backend 
connectivity for APRS for some of us.

Just my thoughts.

--Droo, K1XVM

At 11:45 AM 7/12/2005, Bob Snyder wrote:
>And since APRS is widely done with computers, and viruses can infect
>computers, does that make computer viruses on topic?
>Don't get me wrong; I don't like the announcement, I'd just rather not
>see the traffic on this list spike on generic ham radio news.
>Bob N2KGO
>(and yes, I know, APRS can be done without computers. It can also be
>done without HF as well.)

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