[aprssig] mobile/portable APRS/packet station

aa8ei aa8ei at cinci.rr.com
Tue Jul 12 22:34:48 CDT 2005

Please advise.

Laptop, KPC3+, GPS18, IC-2100H for packet station.

Include planning for dual displays from laptop to show different APRS maps 
or APRS and other software.

This station will be used for special events and as such it must work as 
tracker, digipeater or full display station. I'm interested in suggestions 
for best cabling for all uses, including power and signal for TNC and GPS.

If I get the power plug/signal cable for the GPS18 and generic 12v power 
for the TNC, what's the best way to get the GPS signal to the TNC? I'm 
leery of just adding wires to the connector and having them hang out the 
connector cover. I need some serious cable protection since the station 
will be moved around from vehicle to portable locations regularly.

The tracker and digipeater won't normally have a computer attached after 
setup. The TNC and Radio might be placed in a container to gather equipment 
and interconnect cables in a protected place.

Looking for information from those who have done this before. I may be 
building several of these stations and they have to be durable.


Tony AA8EI

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