[aprssig] D700 TNC hangs

Andrew Rich vk4tec at tech-software.net
Sun Jul 17 02:10:13 CDT 2005

I have seen this too

I started out doing full resets

Put then I found a PM reset does the same thing


My d700 tx'es when the GPS is in V NMEA mode

My friends d700 does not TX until a valid fix is determined by the GPS

Is this a setting ?
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  Occasionally after using the 700 in PKT mode while connected to UIVIEW, I
cannot get back to APRS mode after disconnecting the application.  I can go
from PKT to "off", but then when trying to get back to APRS I get the
OPENING TNC message but nothing else.  I have to do a partial memory reset.
I should add that sometimes I have been using PE PRO in KISS mode.

  I suspect that when I break the connection, something may not get to the
TNC to let it know.
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