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[aprssig] Pic-E question

Rick Green rtg at aapsc.com
Sun Jul 17 14:44:37 UTC 2005

   Well, I'm not far behind you.  I won one at the Dayton Packetbash the 
year it first came out.  Excited, I built it in my motorhome that evening, 
hastily made an interface cable for an Icom HT, and heard it send a single 
packet.  I then put it back in the box, thinking I'd find an inexpensive 
xtal rig to mate with it for a tracker.  It's still sitting in that box...
   Last year at Dayton, I found an affordable Motorola Encore engine and 
active antenna, and this spring thanks to this list, I picked up a pair of 
Motorola HT600's.  So maybe before another year goes by, I'll have a 
working tracker!  But the garage is a mess, and I've got to clear enough 
space to build a workbench first...

If I remember correctly, I programmed it that first evening with a DOS 
program running under DOSEMU on a Linux-based laptop.  I don't run windows 
for any reason...


On Sat, 16 Jul 2005, Kurt A. Freiberger wrote:

> Y'know, I have one that I've never built.  I oughta rustle it up and build 
> it.
> kf
> Mark Earle wrote:
>> Pic-E requires a "loader" to move compiled code via serial port to the 
>> device. PICPROG.EXE is listed as "not for NT".
>> Anyone know of a program/ link/ site/ etc., with a version of this program 
>> that would work under XP Home, SP2?
>> It would let me get rid of my last Win98 box.

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