[aprssig] D700 TNC hangs

David Flood davidf4 at mindspring.com
Sun Jul 17 11:16:23 CDT 2005

Here's a diagnosis and fix from the Yahoo D700 group:
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I can confirm that the problem is GPS communication related. I recently 

switched from a moded Tripmate to a Motorola Nextel i88 for my gps. The 

phone GPS stream can do weird stuff while it is in the cradle while the 

D700 is in APRS mode. Once a week it will hang the D700 into the 

"Opening TNC" routine. I will have to try resetting the TNC via the 

serial port, but in the mean time I'll just reset the PM which doesn't 

nearly piss me off as much as doing the hard reset.

Dennis, N2LBT


On Saturday, Jun 7, 2003, at 23:31 America/New_York, Randy Mclean wrote:

> Here is a simple fix for the "Opening TNC" hang up without doing a

> reset. I tracked the problem down to the GPS feature. I found I could

> duplicate the problem if it was on and you break the computer serial

> connection while its sending gps data. You will lock up the next time

> you switch back to APRS mode. You can send the following commands in

> a terminal session to unlock it.



> Open Hyperterm at 9600,8,1,n

> type "TC 1" this means Terminal control on

> Now type "GU 0" This turns the GPS option off

> Now type "TNC 2" this puts the radio in "PKT" or packet mode

> Wait until "Opening TNC" goes away

> Now type "TNC 1" this puts the radio back in APRS mode

> Wait until "Opening TNC" Goes away

> Now type "GU 1" or "GU 2" 1 is 4800 NEMA while 2 is 9600 NEMA

> Finally type "TC 0" to take the radio out of terminal control



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I have seen this too
I started out doing full resets
Put then I found a PM reset does the same thing
My d700 tx'es when the GPS is in V NMEA mode
My friends d700 does not TX until a valid fix is determined by the GPS
Is this a setting ?

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Subject: [aprssig] D700 TNC hangs

Occasionally after using the 700 in PKT mode while connected to UIVIEW, I
cannot get back to APRS mode after disconnecting the application.  I can go
from PKT to "off", but then when trying to get back to APRS I get the
OPENING TNC message but nothing else.  I have to do a partial memory reset.
I should add that sometimes I have been using PE PRO in KISS mode. 
I suspect that when I break the connection, something may not get to the TNC
to let it know.

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