[aprssig] D700 lockup

Guy Story, KC5GOI kc5goi at kc5goi.net
Sun Jul 17 18:48:08 CDT 2005

I have seen this on my D700 as well.  My fix for 
this is to place the command RESET in the shutdown 
tnc file for each respective program.  I figured 
it out by disconnecting in WinAPRS then opening up 
a session in Hyperterminal and sending reset. 
After that, I contacted made a request to the 
author of PalmAPRS and tested it out with 100% 
success.  I have modified my shutdown tnc files 
for WinAPRS, UI-View and APRS+ to send that 
command last.  I have not had a problem since.  I 
was never able to confirm the cause but it looks 
like someone has.


Guy Story KC5GOI
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