[aprssig] MFJ-1270B Specific ROMs

Ron Stordahl ron.stordahl at digikey.com
Mon Jul 18 17:32:12 CDT 2005

What I use is JKISS which is G8BPQ's versions of KISS for TNC2's.  It's 
included in bpq408a.zip.  Just enter that filename into google and you 
will easily find it.

I have used it with both MFJ1270B's and C's.  They have built in open 
squelch.  No piggyback board is required.

Ron, N5IN

Phillip B. Pacier wrote:
> I spoke with someone (or a few of you) on here awhile back regarding 
> operating the MFJ 1270B TNC in KISS mode.  I was told that there was a 
> specific EEPROM that could be used with the 1270B that enabled 
> smoother operation in KISS mode.  Is this correct?  Also, when 
> operating in KISS mode, is the TAPR DCD piggyback still necessary to 
> facilitate open-squelch operations?  Thanks in advance.
> 73
> Phil Pacier - AD6NH
> www.aprsca.net
> www.aprs2.net
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