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[aprssig] Re: MFJ-1270B Specific ROMs

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Mon Jul 18 22:56:45 UTC 2005

ad6nh at arrl.net wrote:

> I spoke with someone (or a few of you) on here awhile back regarding 
> operating the MFJ 1270B TNC in KISS mode.  I was told that there was a 
> specific EEPROM that could be used with the 1270B that enabled 
> smoother operation in KISS mode.  Is this correct?  Also, when 
> operating in KISS mode, is the TAPR DCD piggyback still necessary to 
> facilitate open-squelch operations?  Thanks in advance.
> 73
> Phil Pacier - AD6NH
> www.aprsca.net
> www.aprs2.net
> _______________________________________________

The standard TAPR 1.1.9 TNC2 firmware works just fine in MFJ127x and 
supports KISS mode operation.    Ver 1.1.9 even supports APRS RAW NMEA 
dumb tracker mode with an NMEA GPS connected to the serial port ala 
original KPC3. 

I've even patched Ver 1.1.9 to make it start up in the modern 8-N-1 (8 
data bits no parity) serial port format,  instead of the annoying 
always-has-to-be-overidden traditional 7-E-1 (7 data bits - even 
parity)  that TNCs to this day insist on defaulting to.  

I've programmed many "double-decker" 27C512 EPROMs with TAPR 1.1.9 in 
one half and UIdigi in the other half for 127x TNCs.

As I have mentioned many times on this and other APRS lists, I'm willing 
to program EPROMs, at no charge, as a service to the APRS community if 
you email me the edited source code for UIdigi or other applications,  
and postal-mail me a blank or eraseable 27256, 27C256 or 27C512  eprom.  

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