[aprssig] APRSdos V863 Posit Text

Bill Bird billbird at cal.berkeley.edu
Tue Jul 19 20:51:07 CDT 2005

I'm still at a loss as to why I'm getting my comment overwritten on my posit 
packet. Both aprssig replies thought I must be sending my GPS directly out 
through my TNC.  This is not the case.  I'd still like help.

I am using two serial ports on my laptop (MS-Dos V6.00) but still have my posit 
text overwritten.  One serial port (COM1) is for the TNC (MFJ-1276) and the 
other serial port (COM2) is for the GPS (RS DigiTraveler). The APRSdos V863 must 
be involved since it is assigned the two serial ports during program start-up. 
I am using the default settings for APRSdos screen refresh and  GPS packet (30 
and 180 seconds).  Everything works fine except the posit text I enter is 
overwritten with something like:

GGA/NUL/APRS*/good GGA/A=0004880488

Thanks for taking another look at this,

Bill Bird

> Robert Bruninga wrote:
>> This is because you are letting the TNC do the GPS
>> independently of APRSdos.  All the TNC knows how
>> to do is raw GPS.  But to get APRSdos to do the
>> positioning, you either need two serial ports (one for
>> the GPS) or you need to kludge together the
>> HSP switch or have a GPS that you can turn off
>> all NMEA except for GPRMC only once every 30 secs
>> or so...  Bob
>>>>> billbird at cal.berkeley.edu 07/13/05 12:35 AM >>>
>> Hi,
>> I'm using APRSdos V863 with a Radio Shack DigiTraveler in my VW Van.  
>> I am unable to keep the text I want to come at the end of the posit 
>> packet because it is overwritten by information such as:
>> GGA/NUL/APRS*/good GGA/A=0004880488
>> This makes for a long packet and is not what I want anyway.  I can get 
>> something like, Bill's VW Van, entered but it is very quickly 
>> overwritten.
>> I can't find the solution in the documentation text files so I hope 
>> someone (Bob, et al) can help me.
>> Thanks,
>> Bill Bird
>> KG0YJ-2
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