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[aprssig] WinAPRS 2.8.0 Update?

Glenn Wiebe ve4gn at mts.net
Wed Jul 20 03:49:14 UTC 2005

With 2.8.0 when I view one of the lists and then close it the map does not 
redraw, I end up with a white screen. If I pass the mouse pointer over the area 
on the right where the buttons are supposed to be they reappear. To see the map 
I have to select it manually, Maps>map name. It's getting to be a PITA. Back to 

73 de Glenn...VE4GN

Glenn Wiebe wrote:
> Thank you James, much appreciated. It seems rather unnecessary to 
> download a 26.7 mb file when all that is required is WinAPRS.EXE. It's 
> up and running.
> And Earl when I click the "Tell me how" button I don't get the message 
> you do. I suppose I'll copy your post and send it in, we have plenty of 
> time to sort this out as you said.
> 73 de Glenn...VE4GN
> James Smith wrote:
>> Glenn,
>> I created a zip file with the exe for 2.8.0 and it is available at 
>> this address, http://kaarts.org/WinAPRS280.zip I will leave this up 
>> for a few days. I tested it and it works fine, just replace your 
>> current exe in the WinAPRS directory.

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