[aprssig] APRSdos V863 Posit Text

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Jul 20 14:13:17 CDT 2005


Since I got my D700, I took the laptop out of the 
car and have not routeinly operated APRS laptop 
mobile in years.  So I'm beginnning to think you
are right that that format is the way it works when
live GPS data is coming in.  That is why APRS has 
the STATUS packet, so that is where you can put
your comment as to what you are doing.... bob

>>> billbird at cal.berkeley.edu 07/19/05 9:51 PM >>>
I'm still at a loss as to why I'm getting my comment overwritten on my posit 
packet. Both aprssig replies thought I must be sending my GPS directly out 
through my TNC.  This is not the case.  I'd still like help.

I am using two serial ports on my laptop (MS-Dos V6.00) but still have my posit 
text overwritten.  One serial port (COM1) is for the TNC (MFJ-1276) and the 
other serial port (COM2) is for the GPS (RS DigiTraveler). The APRSdos V863 must 
be involved since it is assigned the two serial ports during program start-up. 
I am using the default settings for APRSdos screen refresh and  GPS packet (30 
and 180 seconds).  Everything works fine except the posit text I enter is 
overwritten with something like:

GGA/NUL/APRS*/good GGA/A=0004880488

Thanks for taking another look at this,

Bill Bird

> Robert Bruninga wrote:
>> This is because you are letting the TNC do the GPS
>> independently of APRSdos.  All the TNC knows how
>> to do is raw GPS.  But to get APRSdos to do the
>> positioning, you either need two serial ports (one for
>> the GPS) or you need to kludge together the
>> HSP switch or have a GPS that you can turn off
>> all NMEA except for GPRMC only once every 30 secs
>> or so...  Bob
>>>>> billbird at cal.berkeley.edu 07/13/05 12:35 AM >>>
>> Hi,
>> I'm using APRSdos V863 with a Radio Shack DigiTraveler in my VW Van.  
>> I am unable to keep the text I want to come at the end of the posit 
>> packet because it is overwritten by information such as:
>> GGA/NUL/APRS*/good GGA/A=0004880488
>> This makes for a long packet and is not what I want anyway.  I can get 
>> something like, Bill's VW Van, entered but it is very quickly 
>> overwritten.
>> I can't find the solution in the documentation text files so I hope 
>> someone (Bob, et al) can help me.
>> Thanks,
>> Bill Bird
>> KG0YJ-2
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