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[aprssig] Special GPS

Tyler Allison tyler at allisonhouse.com
Sat Jul 23 22:14:49 UTC 2005

> I actually want to build a parabolic trough and make it track the sun.
> Everything we do here in the states is in inches, and I can get sheets
> of stainless steel in 48x96 inches.  I've cut a template of wood in the
> shape of a parabola that the curve is 96 inches long (thanks solver in
> excel).
> I'm actually not too keen on using an expensive GPS, my fall back is to
> use a simple op-amp comparing the light falling on two photo transistors
> inside a long tube.  As the sun moves, it will cast a shadow on one of
> the photocells causing an imbalance.  The op amp will then drive a motor
> forward a little.  I suppose it could be done better with a PIC.... that
> would sense darkness at the end of the day and drive the array back to
> home in the east.  My plan is to mount the trough at the angle of my
> lattitude so that it is perpendicular to the sun, and adjust the
> elevation near noon every day.... it would just take a little bump in
> elevation everyday as the seasons change.

Check out this guy.


I have a spare LED3X (I accidently purchased 2). I'll sell it to you below
cost if you want it. Send me a private email.

You plug it into a 12V source and it has pin outs for a left and right
dish actuator.

The one Im playing with works great..I just dont have strong enough
actuators to move my solar panel tracker yet :)

Or you can use his schematics to build your own of course.


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