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[aprssig] Placer 450 GPS

Doug Ferrell kd4moj at kd4moj.org
Tue Jul 26 15:09:57 UTC 2005

On Mon, 25 Jul 2005 w0ep at frii.com wrote:
> I'm sure the Trimble Placer 450 GPS has come up
> on this list sometime in the past.  But I can't seem
> to figure out how to find archives or search them.
> Anyway,  there are some of these units up on ebay, and
> I'm wondering if they would be good for use in a tracker?
> Chris
> w0ep

  I use these at work (mobile data in fire trucks). 8 Channel parallel,
two rs-232 ports, digital I/O port (for running LED's to see what is
happening in the little box). The 450 dosen't have any lights to indicate
power/sats setc so we built a little "black box" connected to the digital
I/o port to indicate power and sufficent sats when we don't want to go to
the trouble of hooking a laptop to the Trimble.

   There is a trimble config program to setup the ports baudrate,
protocols etc.

  The ports can be configured for the  Trimble ASCII Interface Protocol
(TAIP) and NMEA 0183 version 2.01.

  Drawbacks.... only 8 channel and they loose lock quite frequently.

   If you get it for a good price... then they might be worth it...



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