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Thu Jul 28 20:47:17 CDT 2005

Thanks Herb. I will look at this somemore. Did not see the Icon list in LISTS.
Duhhhhh stupid of me.


> For a symbols description, go to the Windows Pull Down Menu and click on
> ICON Window.  That shows all the available ICONs in WinAPRS and if you click
> on an individual ICON it will give you the short cut designation for that
> ICON and brief description.  You can also get this info by going to the LIST
> pull down menu and then select ICON List.  This method is easier to read
> than the first method.
> That is all the info that I am aware of, what else would you be looking for?
> Also on the FONT changes in WinAPRS Version 2.8.0, yes, I know what you are
> talking about.  I too have the font change from the pleasant normal size and
> weight to the smaller skinnier size at times and have no explanation as to
> why it changed.  Next time I start the program, it seems to go back to the
> normal size.  If you go to the DISPLAY pull down menu and then select MAP
> DISPLAY OPTIONS, you get the window that should allow you to change the font
> size but I am not sure this window is working correctly yet.  Also I have
> not found a place where I can select the type of font I want or be able to
> change the default font style.  Only the size can be changed.
> Herb, KB7UVC
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> > Where are the descriptions of the symbols in WinAPRS? I am
> > referring to the ones
> > such as a solid green star, a green star with a "hole" in the
> > middle, etc.
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> > Thanks, Sam K3BY
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